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iCloudFusion Cloud Servers

“Simply Cloud!”

iCF Compute Nodes

  • Instantly deploy compute instances and virtual machines.
  • Scale on demand. Pay only for what you use.
  • Cutting Edge, Redundant Infrastructure
  • Utilize our powerful API
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Cloud Storage


Choose From:

  • Low Priced Backup Storage
  • High Speed, Redundant CEPH Storage
  • Instantly scale storage for your iCF Compute Nodes
  • Easy to use remote storage (comparable to Onedrive / Google Drive)
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iCF Apps

  • Instantly deploy containor-based apps.
  • Choose from a huge library of apps and dev tools
  • Scale on demand. Pay only for what you use
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Discover iCloudFusion

A brand of H4Y Technologies LLC, the worldwide leader in hosting since 2001! Deploy servers, resources, and applications instantly and easily. Enjoy the best value in the industry only from iCF.

About Us Infrastructure

Cloud Servers

Simply Servers! Simple, instant, and powerful cloud servers. iCF-Compute. Click and deploy!

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Cloud Storage

Simply Storage! Add storage at any time to your compute nodes, use for backup storage, or mount your iCF-Drive to a PC.

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Bare Metal Servers and Colo

Beyond the cloud:
Shared, Reseller, VPS,
Dedicated, and Colo


Build your Own Server
"à la carte" by H4Y


We love developers! It has never been easier to test and deploy applications. Choose from our exclusive app library. Build virtual servers with pre-installed apps or deploy containerized apps in seconds!

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Powerful Panel and API

Simply Scientific! Featuring powerful REST API and an intuitive OpenNebula control panel for instant domination of your logistical needs. Plus, it’s white-label for your reselling pleasure!

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Simply Cloud!
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Why iCloudFusion?

Simply Sensible! iCF is a brand of H4Y Technologies LLC, a proven leader in the hosting industry since 2001. Our infrastructure is modern, secure, and rock solid reliable. Simply Flexible! Ask us about control panel and OS licensing, application containers, virtual datacenters, hybrid infrastructure, load balancing, bare metal, colo, and more. If it can be done, we can help! iCF is a cPanel, Plesk, Microsoft, Litespeed, CloudFlare, Codeguard, and Softaculous partner

24/7/365 Support

Our agents are available by live chat, web/email based ticket system, and toll free phone anytime and all the time. Opt for Meticulous Management for premium support and system administration.


iCF uses CEPH flash storage clusters with amazing I/O performance and top of the line hypervisors. Simply Explosive!


iCF infrastructure scales vertically and horizontally. Each hardware node adds additional computing horsepower as well as additional failover. Each storage node adds additional storage capacity, performance, and redundancy. As we grow, we don’t just get bigger, we get better!

Expertise and Trust

Simply Competent! iCF makes cloud infrastructure and networking simple but the underling technology is complex. Choosing an unexperienced provider can prove to be a critical mistake. Trust in our knowledge and our wholly owned infrastructure.

Have a Question?

Simply Reachable!

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What Folks are Saying

Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis
May 20, 2020

I appreciate the help

I appreciate the help! Great with quick response times
Tristan Putman
Tristan Putman
Oct 13, 2020

Ticket answered promptly and accurately.

Sharon M
Sharon M
Jul 9, 2020

Awesome performance and support!

These guys are so good to work with. I have no complaints about their hosting and any question or difficulty I've had over the past years have been picked up by these guys. I can't thank them enough for keeping my website up and help me out with anything I can't work out myself.
Sissi B
Sissi B
Jun 17, 2020

This is the best service ANYWHERE

A human actually answers the phone. You tell them your situation, and voila, it is fixed or answered. In literally minutes in all of my requests. I love this group of wonderful workers. God bless them every day.
John Stiles
John Stiles
Jan 13, 2020

Fast servers, great support

Taking one aspect of tech hell off the table, great hosting support is priceless!
Steve West
Steve West
Feb 4, 2020
Thank you for working with me to change my billing to the first of each month. Great customer service!
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson
May 29, 2020

The best!

You guys are great, always so helpful and fast.
Updated Feb 1, 2020

iWebFusion went above and beyond..

Jacob at iWebFusion support went above and beyond to help me with my networking issue on one of the servers that we contract with them. Good support is hard to find with hosting service, but support is top notch there and will continue service.
Jimmy Campos
Jimmy Campos
Mar 16, 2020

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, it is really fast and on point. Would recommend this service always

Meticulous management

Simply Meticulous! Add iCloudFusion’s optional exclusive Meticulous Managment services for a premium support level. Meticulous management includes Basic Support services plus:

• Full System Administration
• Server Hardening
• Operating System and Application Updates
• Secuirty Consulting and Patches
• Proactive Monitoring with Rapid Human Response and Recovery

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