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iCloudFusion Specs

Datacenter Locations:

Charlotte, NC (active)

Monticello IA (coming soon)

Los Angeles, CA (coming soon)

Bend, OR (coming soon)

Las Vegas, NV (coming soon)

OS Templates: ?

Hundreds of templates to choose from and new ones released often. Options for popular pre-installed apps and software packages (LAMP servers, gameservers, pre-installed control panels, dev tools, automated security hardening, and much more).

All popular Linux, *BSD, Windows, ISOs,
create your own, and much more

Hybrid Integration:

Amazon EC2, AWS, Azure, others

Primary Storage ?

Your system storage will be safely located on replicated CEPH clusters. Double replication means your data is safe. Our storage infrastructure also gets faster AND more redundant as it scales horizontally and vertically with ease!

CEPH replicated cluster

Backup/File storage: ?

Incredibly economical data stores can be added to your compute nodes and shared with ease. Use this for backup storage or file storage.

NFS shared storage

Virtualization Technology: ?

Our infrastructure is very flexible and allows for multiple virtualization types.

KVM, LXD, Firecracker, Other

API: ?

Endless automation. Spin up instances or apps from your own custom built scripts or applications with standard API calls.

OpenNebula REST

Containerized Apps: ?

Launch pre-configured, resource efficient containers in seconds. Scale on demand. Example: WordPress with Memcache, REDIS, Elasticsearch, and NGINX instances. Dev made simple with iCF-Apps!

Full Docker Hub Library

Hypervisor CPU / Memory:

3.5GHz or better CPU cores, ECC DDR4

Network Transit Providers:

Zayo, Level3/Centurylink, Segra

DDOS Protection:

In-house (2Gbps included)

Infrastructure: ?

No expense is spared when it comes to our redundant, autohealing infrastructure, powered by only well-known, certified hardware. Compare to some of our corner-cutting competitiors with no-name, whitebox, and sometimes unproven gear.

System/Storage Nodes: Supermicro Supersuper / Dell PowerEdge.
Networking: Cisco Systems.

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